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AppalachianTrails: A Smoky Mountain Mystery
SKU: 978-0-578-93085-5

Someone wants her dead, and she doesn't know why.
Daisy McLaren is a small-town reporter with big dreams. She shares her garage apartment with a calico cat she rescued.

When she is drawn to the site of a small plane crash, she discovers it’s near a remote mountain road where her mother died years ago. What she thought was a simple crash turns sinister when she sees a man running away from the site. Her gut feeling is that the plane carried drugs to her small town. Not even her ex can convince her to step aside while the authorities investigate. As an FBI agent takes over the investigation, events spiral out of control. Bodies pile up as she struggles to uncover the truth.

With each passing day, the deaths are getting closer to home.
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Vanishing Trails: A Smoky Mountain Mystery
SKU: 979-8987472125

Vanishing Trails is the continuation of the story of Daisy McLaren and Jake Smith told in Appalachian Trails: A Smoky Mountain Mystery. It picks them up again during the Fourth of July weekend of the following year. Daisy is living with her small calico cat named Rescue above her father’s garage; Jake is living on the family farm.

Daisy still believes her mother had been murdered just before Daisy’s graduation from UNC-Chapel Hill.

A young woman, Keira Swan, returns to Franklin after a long absence, and she has with her an infant. Before she can explain herself, she disappears in the middle of the night. Jake and his hound dog Susie Q track her to a spot down the road where Keira apparently got into a car to vanish.

When Daisy visits the trailers that the Swan family call home, she is knocked out and wakes up in her Jeep in front of an abandoned cabin high above the Cullasaja Gorge. When the county sheriff investigates, he finds the skeletal remains of eight persons, none of which could be Keira’s. Secure in her belief that Keira might still be alive, Daisy continues her search for Keira and hopes that, by finding Keira, she might also learn why her mother died.
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